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Elevate your celebration with our exclusive yacht packages in Dubai, meticulously crafted to create unforgettable moments against the backdrop of the city’s iconic skyline and azure waters of the Arabian Gulf. From milestone birthdays to corporate retreats, from glamorous New Year’s Eve parties to intimate family gatherings, our fleet of luxury yachts offers the perfect venue for indulgence and celebration. With panoramic views of Dubai Marina and top-notch amenities, including gourmet cuisine prepared by onboard chefs and personalized service, every detail is tailored to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re seeking a romantic engagement celebration or a lively bachelor/bachelorette party, our experienced crew ensures a seamless and memorable experience from start to finish. Contact us today to embark on a journey of luxury and indulgence with RSY Yacht Rentals, where every occasion becomes a cherished memory against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s skyline

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Experience the best luxury yacht rental in Dubai with our premium yacht charters, offering stunning views of Dubai Marina and top Dubai Yacht Rental Attractions. Enjoy competitive yacht rental prices, private yacht experiences, and thrilling activities like live DJs, gourmet food, and water sports. Rent a yacht in Dubai today for an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful waters of Dubai.

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Jet Ski With Yacht

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Experience Premium Yacht Rental Activities in Dubai Marina

Enhance your luxury yacht rental in Dubai with stunning balloon decorations, international live DJs or artists, and a delectable food buffet or live BBQ. Enjoy thrilling water sports like jet skiing and snorkeling directly from your private yacht. Our premium yacht rental services in Dubai Marina offer everything you need for an unforgettable yacht party or event. Explore iconic Dubai Yacht Rental Attractions and create lasting memories. Rent a yacht in Dubai today for the ultimate luxury experience at competitive prices.

Water Sports

international Live DJ / Artist

Food Buffet / Live BBQ

Ballon Decoration

Dubai Yacht Rental with Water Sports Packages

Experience the ultimate adventure with our luxury yacht rentals in Dubai, featuring exclusive water sports packages. Enjoy thrilling activities such as jet skiing, flyboarding, efoil boarding, wakeboarding, and Seabob, all while cruising along Dubai’s stunning coastline. Our premium yacht rentals in Dubai Marina offer unparalleled views of top Dubai Yacht Rental Attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Whether you’re planning a private yacht party in Dubai or a corporate event, we ensure a memorable and exhilarating experience. Don’t miss out on the best yacht rental in Dubai – book now with RS Yacht Rentals to make your dream voyage a reality!

Our fleet includes over 50 luxury yachts, including super yachts and group yachts for parties, operating from multiple locations in Dubai. With our competitive yacht charter Dubai prices, you get the best value for an unforgettable yachting experience. Enjoy additional amenities like balloon decorations, gourmet food buffets, and live DJs to elevate your event. Our top-of-the-line safety equipment ensures you can relax and enjoy your journey with peace of mind. Book your yacht rental in Dubai today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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About Us

Best Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

RSY is a yacht rental company providing yacht charter services to customers. We have 50+ luxury yachts, including super yachts and group yachts for parties. We operate from multiple locations in Dubai and are the most trusted yacht company specialized in arranging events on yachts. Amidst the glimmering waters of Dubai, where the skyline meets the horizon, there exists a haven of luxury and leisure: 🛥️ RS Yacht Rentals. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, RS Yacht sets sail to redefine indulgence on the Arabian Sea.

Imagine a world where every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection, where every moment is an enchanting melody of joy and relaxation. Step aboard our exquisite yachts and embark on a journey where opulence knows no bounds.

As the gentle breeze caresses your skin and the sun kisses your face, immerse yourself in the serenity of the sea. Let us adorn your celebration with the whimsical touch of balloon decorations, adding a splash of color to the azure canvas of the ocean.

Indulge your senses with delectable delights, as our skilled chefs present a masterpiece in the form of a sumptuous cake. Quench your thirst with chilled mineral water and an array of refreshing soft drinks, perfectly complementing the warm embrace of the sun.

Engage in the rhythm of the waves as music fills the air, courtesy of our state-of-the-art speakers. And for those craving a culinary adventure, our BBQ machine stands ready to sizzle up a storm, tantalizing your taste buds with every bite.

Safety is our utmost priority, and thus we equip our vessels with top-of-the-line safety equipment, ensuring peace of mind as you bask in luxury. Dine in style with our premium cutlery and disposable glasses, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your voyage.

Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday celebration, or an intimate gathering, RS Yacht Rentals makes every occasion special. Explore the beauty of Dubai from the sea, creating memories that last a lifetime. Join us and experience the ultimate in yacht luxury and service with our premium yacht rentals in Dubai Marina, including thrilling activities like jet skiing, flyboarding, efoil boarding, wakeboarding, Seabob, and more.


Why Rsy Yacht Rentals Dubai is Best

Discover unmatched luxury with our exquisite fleet of yachts in Dubai, epitomizing elegance and sophistication. Our dedicated crew ensures an unforgettable experience, from luxurious interiors to gourmet cuisine, all against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic skyline. Indulge in the ultimate yachting experience, where every detail is meticulously curated for your enjoyment.

Our luxury yacht rental in Dubai boasts a team of professional and experienced staff dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable experience. With expert captains, attentive deckhands, and skilled chefs, we cater to your every need. Relax and enjoy the ultimate luxury yachting experience with our dedicated crew at your service.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and affordability with our yacht rental services in Dubai. Indulge in opulent experiences without breaking the bank. Our diverse fleet offers a range of options to suit your budget, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the splendor of cruising the Dubai waters in style. Treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure without compromising on quality. Choose us for an affordable luxury yacht rental experience that exceeds your expectations.

We are premier choice for luxury yacht rentals in Dubai. Embark on an unparalleled journey of luxury and adventure aboard our meticulously maintained fleet of yachts. Whether it’s a family gathering, corporate event, or a romantic escapade, our expert crew is dedicated to ensuring your safety and providing impeccable service.

Our Process for Booking Luxury Yacht's in Dubai

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Choose Yacht

With us Rsy Yachts, you will find more than one option for a boat rental; you can choose anything according to your need and affordability. Unlink regular yacht rental Dubai; we think about you and your comfort.

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Confirm The Yacht

All your payments and deposits are safe with us; there are many yacht hire Dubai options that you can choose and look through. Once you find your choice for Dubai yachting, choose a mode of payment and finalize things.

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Enjoy The Yacht

Once your payment goes through, you will unlock the privilege and infinite services and care of our services of yacht rentals Dubai; you will be able to connect and communicate with us for all your needs.

Get in Touch with RS Yacht Rentals

For inquiries and reservations, contact us today. Our team provides personalized service to plan the ultimate luxury yacht experience in Dubai. Enjoy 24/7 support and multi-language assistance for a seamless experience.

WHY Choose US?

  • 🌐 Multi-language support
  • ⏰ 24/7 customer support
  • 📅 Flexible booking options
  • 🎉 Expert event planning
  • 🛥️ Personalized service


What Our Customers Say

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"We celebrated our anniversary in style with RSY Yacht Rentals! Unforgettable luxury experience with breathtaking views of Dubai's skyline."
"RSY Yacht Rentals made our Dubai vacation truly special! We enjoyed a fantastic family day on the yacht, with delicious Indian food and stunning views of the city skyline." - Rohan, Swati,
"RSY Yacht Rentals provided us with a truly unique and luxurious experience! We celebrated our special occasion with a romantic cruise, enjoying stunning views of Dubai's skyline and impeccable Japanese hospitality." - Kenji & Yumi
"RSY Yacht Rentals exceeded our expectations with stunning yacht and exceptional service! Romantic sunset cruise with champagne and Burj Khalifa views."
"RSY Yacht Rentals surpassed our expectations! Their luxurious yacht and attentive staff made our anniversary celebration unforgettable, with breathtaking views of Dubai's landmarks and a delightful sushi feast." - Taro & Sakura, Osaka
"Pure luxury experience with RSY Yacht Rentals! Relaxed on the deck, took in majestic Palm Jumeirah views, and even spotted dolphins."
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Have More Question's ?

If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We Will Talk in your Language. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. 

We offer a wide range of yachts, including luxury yachts, super yachts, and group yachts for parties.

You can book a yacht by contacting us through our website or by calling our customer support team.

Prices vary based on the type of yacht, duration of the rental, and additional services. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

  1. Yes, we offer catering, balloon decorations, live DJs, and other event planning services to make your experience memorable.

Yes, we offer water sports packages that include activities like jet skiing, flyboarding, efoil boarding, wakeboarding, and Seabob.


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RSY is a Yacht rental company provide Yacht charter service to customers. We have 50+ Luxury Yachts which also includes Super Yachts and Group Yachts for Parties.

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